Narwhal I love you - FREE SVG file

Today I have a guest on the blog!!! The SUPER talented Karly from Paisley Roots! 
I don't (yet) have a cutting machine, but I wanted to try my hand at seeing how my FMA patterns would work converted to SVG. Karly graciously offered to test out my very first SVG file (and it is FREE) and now here she is to tell you all about it ! 

Hey guys! It's Karly from Paisley Roots and today I'm sharing this adorable Narwhal SVG that Jeanine made, just in time for Valentines Day! 

I'm really awful when it comes to Holiday makes. Mostly because I don't like clothing having a small window of time to be worn and I'm also not really one to follow the crowd. My mother still calls me "Table 9" and I wear that name proudly. Narwhals aren't your typical Valentines print, which I love, so these fit in perfectly with mine (and really my kids) personalities. I also feel that these can be worn year round, which is another huge win for me!

So onto details!
You can grab the text in Cricut Design Space and upload your Narwhal SVG in there.

Never used Cricut Design Space before?
It's really easy and even though it has features exclusive to Cricut Access, you can still use it for FREE. You do need to have a Cricut machine to cut out the design though.

You will want to make an account on there, then you can start designing!
This is what your art board will look like once you upload the Narhwal SVG.
Hit the green "Make It" button on the top right of the screen to proceed.

At this point you will want to make sure your Cricut Machine is on.
Also, make sure you hit "mirror" on each artboard.
(I may have forgotten to hit "mirror" when cutting the vinyl out on the blue shirt, which is why it's facing the wrong way....)

The "Mirror" is at the bottom of each art board on the left of the screen.

After you hit continue (located at the bottom on the right) you will be asked to set your material.
Click on "Iron-On" on the top row second to the last on the right hand side.

Once you hit that you will be prompted to put your mat into your machine and hit the arrow button. 
Once the mat is placed in the machine the "C" button on the Cricut machine will start blinking and once you push that, sit back and enjoy the magic!

It's really addicting and fun!

This SVG of the Narwhal calls for 6 colors, although you can go totally rogue and do as many or little colors as you want. Like with this blue shirt I only used 5 colors of Vinyl:
Silver Foil
Silver Glitter
Lipstick Glitter
Metallic Blush

I only used 5 colors for the white shirt too..... 
Pink Foil
Multi Glitter
Metallic Blush

You will want to iron on your design in layers, just like you would if you were sewing them like an FMA. 
Body first, then you can pretty much lie the rest on top and iron them all on at the same time.
Just make sure you keep the plastic covering for the main body and place it over ALL the pieces as you iron them since you need that protective layer between the vinyl and your iron. 

Thanks Jeanine for having me over and for the crazy adorable Iron On design! 
Happy Valentines Day!!


laurel grose said...

cricut still mystifies me, but these are so cute! i love narwhals!!

Tina Voth said...

Love this! Not only can you turn Fmas into svgs for vinyl, you can use those same svgs to cut out freezer paper stencils for painting designs with fabric paint. Who doesn't love versatility, right?

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