Kittens. A soft Art Project

Sharing a just for fun project today! I made my own pattern for these posh kittens! I have detailed photographs of all three in the post!

I had so much fun playing with their details, every kitten has a unique outfit and removable headband.

The bodies are all squared off and the arms and legs very lightly stuffed so they are more pose-able.

All the dolls are the same 17" approx length and the pink and blue have fully removable dresses.

I love the big vintage pom poms on this kitties headband and dress!

This next one has a gorgeous crown with flowers and a sweet ladybug button. 

She has a top that is always on her and a removable skirt.

All 3 made out of a lovely soft muslin and Jennifer Paganelli fabrics.

These dolls will be for sale ! I'm working on setting up an Etsy... But if you want one in the meantime feel free to email me or message me on my fb page :)

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sonja said...

These are so adorable.

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