Making Skinny Jeans for back to school with Little Lizard King Patterns

I signed up to test the newest Little Lizard King pattern the Cambridge Skinnies pattern

I signed up for the test for 2 main reasons
  1.  My oldest kid needs pants!
  2. Buying pamts is hard because her waist and legs are a bit smaller in size than her height is tall.

The pattern features a great guide on mashing sizes, even thigh measurements to help you get the skinny fit you want!

I skipped the front pockets - because my kid never uses them anyways and more often then not they are just inside out pains to deal with lol. BUT, I did do the back pockets!!! I Added some fun free motion to decorate the pockets.

The fly is Faux - so it looks great but is an easy sew!  The front is flat and the back has elastic.

I made these pants with a slight stretch to it denim (like maybe 10%) I also did a tester version in regular cotton woven - which for my kid worked great - but she takes after her momma and is a rectangle... 

How are your back to school sewing plans going?

Dance Party with Trade Winds by Michael Miller Fabrics and a GIVEAWAY!!!

Hey all! I'm Jeanine from Canada! The Crafting Fiend blog! I'm super excited that I get to show you all my sews using Trade Winds by Michael Miller Fabrics on the Sewing Portfolio's Blog today.

(Read to the end for the giveaway!)

For the patterns I chose the Sis Boom Kelsey top/dress for my oldest as it is one of her favourite patterns and I know she will wear it often, for the youngest I chose the Pumpkin & Bunny Zinnia because it is an easy no closures or elastic slip on dress which is perfect for her un-coordinated self to get dressed in now that she is in the 'I am a BIG girl' stage of life. Both patterns work great for layering with a tee and tights as well for when fall arrives and school begins.

Pineapple Express is one of my favourites in this line - but both my girls loooved the Marissa and Trade Winds the best, so I just managed to sneak a little Pineapple Express into the oldest's dress, but keep your eyes open - I think I'll use the rest of the Pineapple Express to make myself something! The fab thing about the kelsey is all the ways to combine fabric when making it!

As always Michael Miller fabric is great to work with. Lovely the texture and drape for sewing up clothing. You know it will hold up but that is will also hang nicely as a garment.
The fab thing about the kelsey is all the ways to combine fabric when making it. I love the cross front and the criss cross straps in the back!

I got this fabric before it is even released through being a Sewing Portfolio's ambassador - you can sign up for free at for an account and join the facebook group and maybe you can be an ambassador and have fun sewing fresh new fabrics too!
Another great thing about being on sewing portfolio's is how EASY it makes signing up for tester calls and for other designers and fabric companies to find you! I love being able to just link to my portfolio on a test call and I LOVE when I get contacted by a business who found me through sewing portfolios!
Here is my portfolio, if you are a business member you can see an example of what one looks like, and did I mention it is totally FREE! Yep, convenience for free - a rare thing these days!

The pockets on the Zinnia are perfect for using up fabric with pictures, like the Trade Winds flowers and huts as you can see on Cheek's dress.

Both these dresses sewed up in just a couple hours. To try and sew smarter I like to sew assembly line style. Even though they are different patterns it was pretty easy to still sew assembly line since they are the same basics: bodice, bias straps and skirt.
My girls decided to throw a dance party in their new dresses and they have both declared these will be their first day of school dresses! A total sewing WIN!

What makes you want to dance party?

Want to WIN the fabric??!! Leave a comment and click yes on the Rafflecopter!
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Darcy Dress Pattern Tester Review

I voluntered to test this one by Bubby &Me.  The Darcy Dress  Comes in sizes 1 (18months) up to size 10 and has both the shirt option and dress option included! 

The pattern directions were clear and easy to follow and the designer listened and incorperated tester feedback excellently! I have perfect confidence recommending this pattern to you... Although I do wish she had an affiliate program lol.

This top is the PERFECT back to school sew! it is so fast and easy - literally 15 mins to cut and sew! Only 2 pieces and a neckband, the dress has only 4 pieces and a neckband. 

The dress version is PERFECT for using kid sized panels on as well! If you are like me - finding patterns to use panels on where you don't have to colour block can be tricky and a bit frustrating to find. So I really love this!

The twirl factor is great since it is a half circle skirt, and of course circle skirts mean NO GATHERING!!! which means a quick attachment! Of course, all the time saved gathering is spent in hemming a circle skirt... (Anyone want to sponsor or buy me a coverstitch yet??! lol. no? ok.. I'll keep saving my pennies.)

I love how nicely simple the top is, works fab for Free motion applique on the front (yes I'll be doing some of that soon!) and for showing off your custom knits - and it uses very little fabric so you can get a lot of use out of that custom knit!

I just love the diagonal hemline as well. It is such a great look for older kids and littles!

The top version is a perfect fit - not loose but not skin tight.  I think it is safe to say you'll be seeing a bit more of this pattern in my blog posts... 

All fabrics shown are from True North Fabrics

The Darcy Dress is on sale for the next 48 hours ! (NOT an affiliate link btw.. I just REALLY love the pattern)

Leave me a comment below! What's your favourite pattern for using those custom knit panels on?

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