Time for a PATTERN HACK! Making a tank top out of a romper pattern!

Today I want to show you a SUPER simple but SUPER fun pattern hack!

I took the amazing CaliFaye Collection Fenix romper and turned it into a triangle top tank!

If you want to see my version of the Fenix Romper as a romper check out my blog post HERE

This really is a fab casual tank! Spagetti straps and a nice low back so I don;t have to worry about awful tan lines when I want to spend a day in the sun!

The how to on this is sooooooo simple, I made a quick graphic - not based on the fenix romper, just a basic shape, as this pattern hack will work with any tank you want it too!

But really - using the Fenix Romper is a fab idea as I just love the base shape of it for summer wear!

I am thinking I will need a half a dozen more! It is perfect for summer! Breezy and cool in the heat, 

Leave a link to your favourite pattern hack of all time in the comments! I'd love some more ideas!

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Tina Voth said...

This looks so comfortable. I love your choice of fabric!

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