Little Lizard King Beaufort Shorts in Sunny Isle fabric

Today I am showing off the Little Lizard King Beaufort shorts which release on Thursday June 1st!

I did the asymetrical ruffle and hem options! But these have soooooo much range and options!

sizes 12 month - 14 years
flat front, elastic waist
Hem Options:
simple ruffle
Asymmetrical ruffle for an asymmetrical hem
Asymmetrical ruffle for a straight hem

Sewn in the gorgeous Jennifer Paganelli ( fabric from her Sunny Isle collection with Freespirit fabrics

We love these soooooo much! And they are a super quick sew!

(the pattern hack tutorial to make the Kelsey a one piece front (more coverage and faster - is here:

And I was dead in the size 14 hips and only an inch over on waist so I made myself a pair too! Just plain with a small turned hem!


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Tina Voth said...

These are beautiful!

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