I made a Popover top - finally. and it is amazing!

This shirt has several view options to it - and a few different ways to do that back pleat, I stitched mine down at the bottom due to being a very much rectangle body shape I have no hips really. so no need to have room for them. 

 but one of the best parts is the TIDY finishing on the inside! Check out that fully enclosed back yoke, the tidy shoulder seams, french seams, the perfect facing! These details don't take a lot of extra time (maybe an extra 30 mins overall) - but really having the seams all enclosed and tidy adds soooo much to the quality of your finished garment and this pattern has it ALL in the instructions!

I love a pattern whre the finishing and attention to detail is right in the pattern, especially since I sewed this test during a headcold and didn't have to seam rip once! 

so if you are looking for an amazing popover style shirt - you need the Williamette! and it is on sale until May 14th with no code needed!

You'll be THIS happy you got to make this popover perfection!

and please do consider using my affiliate link if my pics helped motivate you to buy the pattern :) 


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Tina Voth said...

Love this! Now it has me wondering if I'd like a boxy-ish cut on myself, lol.

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