I did something I was scared of!

I made myself a swimsuit!!!!!  This has been something I've wanted to try for YEARS! but have been sooo scared of that slinky swim fabric! This year - I did it!

I used the free George and Ginger lovesick bralette (get the pattern from their fb group). I added the little loop to the front because it felt too conservative without it ... Please tell me I'm not alone in sometimes feeling bikini's can be conservative ? 

I used the SUAT scrundies - boy shorts version for the bottoms. I lined th main parts - so those are not going anywhere when I get in water!

For the top I did add swim elastic to the seam allowance alone the top part of the bra top and a little in the back of the band. 

Now my ghost like self is just waiting for summer.... 

Fun fact: When I took these pics it was -20C outside... and about 5pm when ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL the neighbours were getting home (it was the golden hour....) I am pretty sure all my neighbours officially think I'm crazy... This is probably why I have no friends in town lol (except you Tina!)


Ajaire Parello said...

Haha! My neighbors for sure think I'm nuts and I'm sure most bloggers feel the same way. So funny! Your suit turned out so well and I can't believe you hadn't sewn swim before!!

Tina Voth said...

Awe, thanks! We might be a tad bit crazy, but a whole lot of fun! I love the suit! I remember that day, it was freezing!

auschick said...

Lol, it is so cute! I took mine on my deck and thankfully all our neighbors had magically gone inside at that point!

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