sewing with CATTITUDE!

I have been at it again ... doing some fabric designing with my illusrator playing around! I love when my ideas come to life! The round closes this week though - so if you want to preorder go to True North Fabrics on facebook ASAP.

Not only did I design the fabric - but I got to sew off some of the strike offs! The kids each got a new pair of scrundies (pattern by SUAT)

Cheeks got a LLK perfect 10 and a pair of HOSHpants by emmyloubeedoo patterns

and at this point I was feeling much left out and had only a wee bit of scraps left... but just enough to make myself a pair of boyshorts! (also by SUAT patterns)
What would you sew with "cattitude" ?


Tina Voth said...

Love the fabric! I should sew my own boyshorts, they look way more comfy than what I've got, lol.

Ajaire Parello said...

Love those kitties!!

Michelle Martin said...

Awww - so cute; they are kitty jewels! One day I will actually sew up a pair of scrundies with the pattern I bought the week it came out but have yet to use! Lol!

Melissa Rebel and Malice said...

Those prints are so cute! I love the triangles.

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