Pattern Hack for the Sisboom Kelsey pattern

Changing the front neckline up to a single scoop piece is seriously such a simple hack - it barely even counts as such! BUT, I just love the look of it! and it makes the sewing a bit quicker as well, and some days I just want to save 10 minutes! 

*you can do a single piece and keep the v-neck with this tutorial as well*

To do this hack you first trace out the front piece one direction - and then flip and trace the other direction. lining up the sides as per the pattern sewing directions. This will give you a solid front piece - cut 2, an outer and a lining.

If you want to change the shape of the front to have a scoop - you just simple fold in half and cut the scoop (folding in half is so it is the same on both sides)

ta-da! Is that not sooo easy ? 


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Tina Voth said...

What a great hack! So cute and simple!

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