Dreamy Drape tops for all!

Wondering where I've been? no... ??? Well you might have been missing out! Just because I don;t blog often doesn't mean I haven't been busy! (check out my IG!!)

BUT!  I did  do some pattern testing this month :O  Totally shocking since I have done exactly zero non work related pattern tests in about 2 years, it seems the break was good for me though and now pattern testing is back to being fun! (Though I am VERY fussy who I test for and what I test!)
Mummykins and me drape top with triangle hem option. sewn by Jeanine Thomlinson

I just LOOOVED the mummykins and me dreamy drape top when she posted looking for testers though and KNEW I'd regret not getting in on this pattern test - and she was so lovely to test for - listens to the testers, comments on photo's and her and admins are so on top of questions and updates. It was a lovely testing expierence!

This top has a couple options. the triangle hemline - which I did for my daughter here (LLK perfect 10 is her matching underneath tee shirt) and the banded bottom - which you will see I choose as the option for ME!

When I signed up to test I signed up for the kids version, by Rebecca very kindly uploaded both files into the test group - so after loving my daughters shirt soooo much I grabbed the women's and made myself a shirt too!

I did the banded version in a french terry and added a few inches in length since I wanted more of a tunic I could wear a little bunched at the bottom with leggings than a shirt with jeans type of deal.

I really could not be more pleased with how this turned out! and my pastel pink shirt and soft grey hat matches my no summer sun skin tone of boring pastey white.

You can get this as a bundle (LINK) or individuallyif you only want to sew for yourself or only a kid.

What are you sewing? Tell me about your last sewing tester!


Marsha Lawrence said...

Oooh! I love these! And you are mighty brave to go out in the snow for your photos. Crazy… but brave.

Tina Voth said...

Love what you've been doing! It's so hard to get good pics in winter, but yours are awesome.

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