Make Laundry, Don;t DO Laundry PRE TOUR!

aha. My husband knows that I won;t put away HIS laundry... I haven;t done that since our 3rd month of marriage where he told an entire table of people at family supper how I fold wrong and when I put away his laundry he always has to re fold everything. Haven;t wasted my time since lol. BUT - that is him waiting for me to put away kids laundry forsure!

Today in Make laundry I am showing off my P4P raglan! It is the original one. I love the fit of this, so comfy, and the relaxed knit looks cute with just a little tuck in!

and since it is a raglan - sews up faster than the washing machine and dryer run!

Getting excited about the tour starting on the 6th yet ???? 

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pearberrylane said...

I haven't done my husband's laundry since our third year of marriage when I had a break down because I don't do it like his mother!!!! So my issue is with kids clothes too!

Tina Voth said...

My husband and I team up on laundry, but we each fold our own and kiddos fold their's. If anyone's waiting on laundry in this house it's their own fault, lol. This raglan looks great in a drapey knit! Love it!

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