Make Laundry don't do it pre tour !

Last day for the PRE tour! Remember the Tour starts on Monday!

Now I must say - I LOOOOOOVE Hey June patterns!!!! The directions, the printing layouts, the way they go together. Just a lovely and very professional pattern. So do not be shy of Hey June!

I love how easy it is to use this pattern for panels too! All you doo is add a little fabric around the panel and good to gofor cutting the pattern out! 

Sadly - it has been nothing but rain for the past week.... So these pics do NOT do the shirt justice... but you get the general idea at least lol.

If you recognize this one it is because it is my own artwork - picked up by True North Custom Knits group!

(my oh no I just stepped in mud but the self timer just started clicking away face)

The Make Laundry tour will also be having a link up! So get sewing this weekend all your fast sews!

Now go check out Paisley Roots and PearBerry Lane and leave some comment love or sharing the post love !

There will be 3 prize packages. One for the link up winner and two for the rafflecopters. These are all the sponsors that will be part of the prizes.


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Tina Voth said...

Love this! I need to sew for myself more. You've convinced me. The next project will be for me! :)

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