Make the laundry - don't DO it!

Welcome back to the Make laundry don;t do laundry tour PRE tour tour!

What is your LEAST favourite part of laundry??
 for me it is forsure the putting away of it. yuck! So let's sew instead!

Today I want to highlight one of our giveaway sponsors - Brownie Goose!

These shorts are surprisingly quick. Like seriously. I know you are looking at that bias tape thinking oh my gosh I can wash a load faster than sew those! But - it goes together much faster than the washing machine. and it is more fun!

The pockets are of course faux, so that is also fast. and I mean really - my 3yr old can barely coordinate herself to get somethign in the front pocket without 2 hands and me telling her how to open them, so faux is PERFECT for the back!

and well bribed with a bag of candy from the store Cheeks stood still enough for pictures! wahoo!

Now go check out Karly's post on Paisley Roots, and Cassandra's on PearBerry Lane!
(after leaving me a comment???)

Happy sewing!

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1 comment

Tina Voth said...

Super cute! Love the fabric choices too!

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