Make laundry - do NOT do the laundry! Pre Tour of the tour...

Cassy from Pear Berry Lane concocted this whole idea and I joined in with Karly from Paisley Roots. The point - doing laundry SUCKS! and making laundry is MUCH more fun! So this is a pre blog post series to the actual series - (and if you follow along you will get sneaks at designers who are contributing to a HUGE giveaway during the actual series nect week - so follow along everyday this week!

In other words - if you dislike laundry - this tour is for you! 
All our patterns featured take abotu the time of a load of laundry - or less. Thankg goodness this doesnt include the putting away or this tour would be featuring things that take MONTHS to make .... at least on my part.... lol. Please say I'm not the only one who divides things into piles and then there is your pile - good luck!

My first post on the pre tour tour - Muse of the Morning's FREE hat pattern!

This certainly was a quick sew - cut and done in an hour about. I had intended it for dolly to wear. My oldest is always wanting new clothes and such for her dolly.

BUT, then she wanted to try it on Jewel - her toy pup.

and then decided the hat would indeed be used as Jewel's new bed. I suppose it is a worthy use lol. Jewel is quite pleased I'm told.

The tour kicks off on June 6th and  has some AMAZING prizes and giveaways !!!
As a way to thank our amazing sponsors, we thought we could highlight their patterns along with giving some awesome inspiration on fast and easy sews!


Valerie Dufort said...

You made me giggle when saying that including the putting away time would add up months ahah! I totally do that to. It's the worst isn't it?

Ti said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that has piles of clean laundry sitting around. If not for the fact that we're in the transition of moving, I'm sure I'd have my very own mountain to contend with. But why put laundry away when you can be creating it instead?!

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