Seneca Creek Purse

I made myself a new purse!!!!! I LOOOVE the bag!!! and I'm not just saying that because I ran the sew-a-long... I did though. You can check it out HERE (day 1). The sewalong is still open until Monday the 7th if you want to go through the sewalong quickly and enter to win some awesome patterns!

This purse is the perfect summer bag size - not to big and heavy, but easily fits wallet and phone and some etc. 

I ADORE the envelope like pocket detail on the front of the purse!

I used vinyl for the bottom of my purse and am VERY happy with this decision, and hope it helps keep it clean from summer dirt.

Check out how gorgeous it is with that lovely hardware (from Emmaline bags - not a paid advert for them - this was bought hardware not freebie but you should know that shop is Canadian!!!) 

I am really in LOVE with the purse! and Working with Betz was a great experience, she's as lovely as her patterns are - so don't be afraid to try them!

If you need a little freelance social media or sewalong or etc person feel free to contact me!


Betz White said...

It turned out so great! Thanks for all of your help and great ideas!

Tina Voth said...

You always make me want to make a bag! (Seriously, I should just, right?) I looooove how it turned out! Are they as hard as they look?

Jen .T said...

Tina - not nearly as hard as they look! and this one is quite straightforward!

Thank Betz for having me :)

the Steiger's said...

What a great sew-along. I had a great time and I do have to admit I couldn't wait to finish. I was done in one day. Thank you for all you hard work (taking pictures, writing and keeping up with all those posts) Great job!

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