Sunday Lately

Sunday lately. week 37 (or 1 if you are me) 

Every week wild & wonderful has a sunday lately and some prompts. to follow. I thought I'd try joining in to help focus.
 Doing, Appreciating, Designing, Humming, Expecting

Doing: I made bread this morning. Finally got grass seed down on the yard this weekend too - wahoo!  Prepping to homeschool! eek!!! But you read that right. We only have one school option , and if that's not liked tough cookies. So we have decided to homeschool! I'm scared but excited. At least they start in kindergarten so it isn't like I'm jumping into algebra! ... haha

appreciating: Family! Love going to family breakfasts! Everyone who can in my dad's family comes out on a Saturday morning and we talk and laugh, people have actually moved to the side room at the restaurant because we get so loud and chatty and the laughs are booming! It is just great to see the kids spending time getting to know all the generations! cousins their ages, second cousins old great great uncle john, their great grandma (my grandma) and all the great aunts and uncles!

Designing: more free motion appliques! and working with THEE Becca DuVal on some new ones too! It's so fun and I've been up to midnight pretty much every night working, but it feels good!

Humming: This one is hard for me... as everyone who knows me knows - I am the WORST for getting songs in my head. I don;t remember beats or lyrics. it is weird I know.

Expecting: no-one!!!! YAY! lol. But in all seriousness... I'm expecting to work my ass OFF this year. I am working sooo hard to learn stuff, do designs, and I'm excited to see where it takes me! 

See ya next week (if I remember!)


Sunday Lately with KatyNicole and Meghan

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Katy McKinley said...

Shut up. Homeschooling? You brave woman! But yes, starting in Kindergarten is waaaay better than middle school level, where I'd have to be learning everything all over again myself as well, haha.

One day I will finally break down and try one of your FMAs. Darn it! If you would stop making cute designs, I wouldn't feel this need!

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