BFIAR: Jessie Bear, What will you wear?

and so we row .... 

Our first "row" with Before Five in a Row will be Jesse Bear, What will you wear?

The start of my planning. Lots of printables printed. the 3prong booklets to fill

completed planning:

I'm planning for 2 kids. my kindy (top book) and my 3yr old (bottom book)

Day 1:

This is the start of their books :

The oldest will breeze through the colouring sheets so she also has a math sheet - Teachers pay Teachers by the moffat girls. Worth the few bucks to me :) 

Day 2:

I don't remember where exactly I found this leaf printable - but there are plenty of options out there

Day 3: 

we are focusing on foods. (first is from the lapbook linked at start of post)

and what insects eat since insects have been in focus this week (ish)

Day 4

Water cycle and weather. Cutting practice for the 3yr old and another math sheet that I linked above from the teachers pay teachers site 

Day 5:

Some matching of letters for the youngest (in the lapbook printable) and a reading response booklet for the oldest. Here is a great reading response freebie 

The paper bear doll is from HERE 

All through the week we will go through the B book. The oldest gets to do the beginning middle end sounds with it and then a few other fun printables from the LAPBOOK printable linked at the top of the post.

If we have time/good day:

and of course make some bear pancakes :) 

Honestly I expect this to take closer to 2 weeks. I'm not in a rush.... 

The goal is to have them love learning and know how to find information on their own, hence why I picked a literature based curriculum. It doesn't matter what they can check off the list to me. If they hate learning and don't know how to find knowledge and information then no matter how many checkmarks their resume has it is all useless. I want them to be able to transfer knowledge from one subject to the next, love reading, enjoy learning, love the challenge of a new project and feel the joy of completing it, and be creative.  Welcome to our homeschool!


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