Candy Carousel Dress with Easy Fits

So I had the pleasure to test the new Molly Blossom Design pattern, the candy carousel dress! It closes with that nifty tie on the front and is layered and twirly and just plain adorable! I LOVE it styled over the Scientific Seamstress Easy Fits and I think it will be so cute with a cardi or long sleeved shirt underneath!

The back is a solid piece but the bottom ruffle goes all the way around. 

I found the pattern to be well written (and yes, I have the final version). The pattern features illustrations to show the how to put it together - which I personally prefer over photos, I find it easier to decipher right sides and wrong sides and etc with illustrations. Nothing to get in the way and distract. The pattern has very few pieces to print - yay for saving ink, and pieces together perfectly.   

I don't work for nor was this post paid for by molly Blossom :) Just an FYI.

So who has started their fall sewing? (This was my first fall sewing piece!)



Mae said...

OH MAN you are way ahead of me ... I have things "planned" for fall (skinny jeans, sweatshirts, etc) sitting with the material they'll be sewn in, but have yet to make anything. I'm still in summer mode, but good for you!


Jen@thecraftingfiend said...

too funny Mae! You are certainly more organized than I am!!! I just have ideas and feelings I want to re-create into looks haha.

retriever said...

very lovely, have a nice day!

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