google reader - say what??!!

Apparently google reader is going. I think this is silly... but it means you will have to find another way to blog follow. What are you choosing? I have bloglovin on the right sidebar if you want to follow me that way.

In other news. I sew I sew, I no post! Ha! Good thing you already know what a terrible blogger I really am and the expectations are low... but check out what I've been neglecting the blog to do: 

Simply sweet pattern by the scientific seamstress - maxi length with bib front (bib front tutorial is on facebook in the scientific seamstress lab group)

Sisboom Carly bubble romper - babies neeeeeed bubble rompers, but this mom is happiest when the bubble rompers also cover the back and protect the sensitive skin! 

I made myself a sisboom Lucy shirt length! 

Scientific seamstress portrair peasant as Minnie Mouse - the oldest loves it!

A sisboom Vanessa top - do you like the fun fabric? I won it from Alida Makes - her calling all kids series. 

Tommy boxers - another sisboom pattern - love them! The husband got a pair too - but he refused to model. 

The boxers were made for a sewalong - and my new thing to eat is vegan chocolate chip cookie dough 

and this is how I like to sew - empowerment mug, gummy candies, and pretty fabric. Also I prefer classic rock to be on the radio.  

So there you have it - I have been busy! Now who is going to bloglovin me?


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Terri Sue said...

I can't seem to find your bloglovin button anywhere.

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