Another Angie Dress Me Hearties!

ok... so mother's day has come and gone and I am still selfish sewing... 
this is the Sisboom Angie dress pattern - I LOVE it!

I've made it before and raved about it then too - but I'll say it again - easy sew and pockets and no zippers or buttons. Comfort and style!

ps. yay for the summer of no pants! (at hideous dreadful stinky! - I know I'll have to wear some pants this summer - since I'm not even sure summer will come yet... but I love love love dresses so  I will be sewing along! ...and adding this dress to my summer dress pile)

(and I really do think my vintage bling and pirate hat adds to the look.)

ps. the pattern is HERE and for full disclosure work for the scientific seamstress now (just started) :) !!!!!



Clare said...

What a lovely dress! Beautiful summery fabric :) At least if you 'selfish sew' you can appreciate all the work that's gone into it!

Jenya Thompson said...

Absolutely gorgeous dress :)

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