I am alive, and sewing! And suffering from a cold....

What has happened lately... Well, winter just keeps on. Which means my toddler is getting some pretty serious cabin fever. But I did win that gorgeous fabric above from Alida Makes link part :) along with 3patterns from gotopatterns.com :)

I also made this adorable baby dress with made by rae's free mini geranium pattern! 

I am terrible at self pics with a tablet, and computer is down again :p but I made a super cute Angie dress (sisboom). I will do a proper post on that one yet :)

I also have been doing some sewing for the girlie, wide leg pants and adorable cropped blazer! (patterns from Califaye collection) I am planning on selling said blazers yet, more up to date information on facebook :) 

And I made these adorable bubble shorts using the soon to be released pattern from elephants and elegance! You should check out her blog !  (I would link but haven't figured out how to on a tablet yet, sorry, http://www.eleganceandelephants.com/2013/04/bubble-pocket-shorts-pattern.html)



Samantha said...

I know what you mean, winter is just hanging on!! I thought Spring had sprung yesterday but it was just a cool trick!

Jen@thecraftingfiend said...

Yes samantha I know what you mean! We had snow and several schools cancelled buses on Monday! Mid April and kids getting a snow day is just crazy! I hope this means we are in for an extra long and pleasant summer!

Mae said...

Yes you are certainly still alive& busy! I hate self photos as well, i need a little remote for my Nikon& maybe then I'd be willing to try.


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