A sew for you/me post! (and pattern review)

(me - freezing my ___s off  to get a half decent pic. but isn't the dress pretty?) Oh and please never mind the fact that I nearly blend into that white garage door... it's a long cold winter in my part of canada lol.

The pattern: Sisboom's Angie Dress

 Fabric used: I used a very light weight cotton bought at fabricland (because I had a gift certificate thanks to my lovely aunt)

Time: I found this pattern to sew up quite quickly actually. I like fast projects as any of you regular readers have probably noticed :) A few hours and the pattern was only 6 pieces of paper I needed to piece so that was a pleasant surprise!

Pattern: I really cannot rave enough about the quality of this pattern, it is right along with other sisboom patterns - which if you haven't tried, you should! clear, concise, easy to do. 

I Made the xs for myself (I was on the edge of xs and small - but wanted a fitted look so I went xs) There are darts in the front and back (which are MUCH less scary than one would imagine btw.). 

The back is a simple bodice back - with a bit of elastic at the waist, but it still looks fitted and not gathered, for easy on and offs. I loved not fussing with a zipper or buttons. I don't mind doing buttons on kids clothes - but on my own I find them a pain in the buttocks to do up, and I have enough dresses I can't wear without some acrobatics to do up (or I have wake up super early when the husband goes to work to have him do up :P)

The only 'change' I did to the pattern was to put some elastic in that hemline so I could have a cute bubble skirt. It was very cute without the bubble too.. but I just love a bubble skirt. Plus my skirt is less likely to fly away on me now as I chase after kids this summer :) 

Would I make this pattern again: YES!!! I looove it! It's a beautifully written pattern with equally as beautiful results!

So now go off and get this pattern if you want to sew something for yourself :) and tell her hi from me in the notes (not that I was paid for this review - I actually even bought the pattern with my own fun money - I just think it would be fun for her to see people are reading a review on the pattern)


Mae said...

Jen it turned out great! Glad to see you got a better picture. Luckily, I can't judge your paleness considering mine rivals it. :)


Monica Swift said...

I love this dress! The exact type I like to live in all summer, and would all winter if there just wasn't so much snow/wind involved. I'll have to check out this one! I have yet to sew for myself, partly because I'm worried if I start I won't go back to sewing for the kids, ha! Again, fantastic dress!!

HandJ Cobb said...

So cute! I clicked on your link because I've been wanting to make myself a dress like this, I'm going to go check out this pattern! Good work!

Sew Much Ado said...

That is adorable Jen! Looks so great on you!

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