Heidi and Finn colourblock dress

The Heidi and Finn Color Block Dress  

A big thanks to Heidi and Finn for choosing me to pattern test!

 Fabric used: This pattern is very conservative in fabric used, although it is fully lined so be sure to have some cheap-o cotton broadcloth on hand for that. Unless you like using prety designer fabrics on the inside... I am just a bit too frugal for that.

Time: It took about 3 ish hours for both dresses (I assembly lined it and did both at the same time). Plus a little extra since I also had to draw that stencil and paint it on. 

Pattern: I found it well written and easy to follow, Step by step photos all throughout. This pattern is a MUST own!! It really truly is. I just don't even know what else to say. This pattern was a joy to sew. I like it when a pattern is simple yet gives such stunning results that sewing is more fun than work.

Would I make this pattern again: YES!!! In fact I think this is my newest favourite pattern and possibly will be the go to gift for all girly birthday parties this coming year!

I LOVE how versatile this pattern is! A clean basic shaped dress and with the colour blocking there are so many ways to change up the look of this classic pattern. As you can see I couldn't decide on just one look when I pattern tested so I had to do two dresses :) HAD to do two lol. I think my girl might be getting a bit spoiled, every time she sees me at the sewing machine she asks, " mommy making me a new dress?"

And just because my girl really was working the camera (she earned her stickers!) here are a couple photo mash ups :)

I wasn't paid for or asked to do this pattern review - I was just blessed to pattern test and thought I would share with you my results. 

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Zafarani said...

I love her faces! The dresses turned out so cute and she is just adorable in them!

OnceUpona Sew said...

How stinkin cute! I haven't done a Heidi and Finn pattern I've been tempted lately.

Stephanie said...

I love the camera! Both dress are awesome!!!!

Shelly Morgan said...

LOVE - LOVE - LOVE! The hot pink and navy are such a great combo!

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