I am alive.. just without a computer.

My husband has decided my computer needs cleaning out and a better fan installed and so he took it, and hasn't given it back yet. 
and now you know why I've been quiet.
I did sew matching dresses for the girls - Easter dresses maybe? The eldest needs summer dresses, but I can't just make her clothes and nothing for the youngest (because i feel like a bad mom if I do, like L will look back on pics and say didn't you love me too mom - why didn't you make me clothes - I might be a touch crazy. I swear it's the -40ish weather that's made me be a shut in that affects my brain)
I used the every little thing dress pattern from shwin&shwin. I have the maggie mae pattern from them all ready to go as well!
Other than that I have been doing tons of baking and cooking. Again I blame the weather. at these frigid temperatures my body wants to just eat cake, cookies, breads. mmmm carbs. It is a genetic blessing I'm not a thousand pounds. 
(little mini pies. mmm. these ones are mince (blech to me but the husband loves it), but I've been making loads of pumpkin pies too. and I didn't share the last one with anyone at all...)
My toddler is getting pretty funny. I love this age where they say the most random things and put strange sentences together. On sunday I was trying to convince her she needed to wear a shirt to go out of the house and she runs away from me screaming at the top of her lungs "I no want to cover my boooobies!!!!" I was laughing so hard I could barely chase her to wrangle a shirt on the kid.
and in sewing myself a dress news, I was going to get the washi dress pattern for a casual dress... but I admit I have a hard time spending $16 on a pattern I have to print out myself...
but then I discovered Victory Patterns and I am (very) seriously considering the anouk and the ava! what do you think? I am a rather petite 5'5" person... could i pull off those patterns? 
I should also probably add the new years resolution of stopping the overuse of parenthesis and the ... but I love both of those.
and that is pretty much all that has been happening and on my mind lately. What's new with everyone out there?

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