present wrapping

Present wrapping in 2012

I am sure you saw one of the countless posts about the ruby star wrapping book as it made it's way about the blog circut. Well it kind of inspired me in a way. I felt as though the whole point was that the wrapping in and of itself was a part of the gift to be enjoyed. and so I tried to make each present appealing and gift ish in it's wrapping.

I used raccon tags (thanks to imaginegnats for the raccoon week pattern)

I made my own bunny pattern for a toddlers gift. 

and then I moved onto actual more like copying - the simple drawstring bag idea from the book. 

one for my daughter - that I put her littlest pet shop toy in - and now she can keep her little treasures together. (and yes, she really does like to wear princess shoes all the time)

and a bread bag (except I squared the bottom to make it more bread bag ish)

This linen bag is made of valorie wells linen I had in my stash. and I'm certain my grandma will be pleased with the cinnamon raisin bread!

and then I made myself a linen bread bag

hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


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