A merry star wars prezzie for the husband!

So, I don't know about you, but I really like being able to make things for the people in my life (hopefully they all enjoy craftiness!). Of course a big love in my life is the husband, so I decided to get out the silhouette and make him a Christmas star wars shirt!

If you want the svg file go here to ladywolf. I don't have the designer edition of the silhouette software so I asked a friend who knows things about computers to help me with the file thing - thanks Sarah!

I will say that it is important to have a nearly new/new kind of sticky mat! or else this will happen :
(ps. after trying a bunch of settings - I thought I was out of mats, I nearly gave up but then took a look around and found a new mat!!! yay! project went on!)

The weeding was an absolute pain in the ass! Seriously. I carefully took it off the mat so that nothing came out - ironed that freezer paper down and then carefully, using a needle, picked out everything I didn't want.   

FINALLY done weeding!!! 

then I broke out the fabric paints  (I did a layer of white for everything, then a second layer of white on the snowflakes and a layer of yellow on the words - a-la star wars esque)

and lastly - gift that sucker up to the husband!!! (except I am WAY to excited about it for it to wait till Christmas .. I'm sooo bad at that!)


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Mae said...

ha! love this. what an awesome boys shirt& wow that is a ton of detail for the stencil! You have some major patience to sit & pull it all apart. I bet he loved it!

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