happy mail day!

I love getting good ol' fashioned mail! I mean...  I do appreciate the kind emails and facebook messages as well but you have to admit there is something fun about seeing a non bill with your name on it at the post!
Todays post I found this book! which I won from  http://www.myinnocentia.com/
Also in the mail was this adorable soft cloth book from my friend Nancy at http://owensolivia.blogspot.ca/. (who I've been bloggy friends with I think since I started blogging) It is so cute  I had to hide it from the babes since she is in a stage of claiming everything cute as her own... oh the joys of 2!
and I took a picture of the card to - because her writing looks like computer font - it's so pretty. I know that may sound strange but I've always noticed peoples fonts. 
and as for me... I have not been doing much more than a little sewing on small projects here and there and enjoying my girls :) It still makes me happy to say "my girls!"
I did put them in their matching big and little sister shirts that I freezer papered up for them and took some pictures. I bribed the older with stickers to keep giving the little kisses till I got a shot of it (point and clicks have a slower shutter time than I would like)

Have a fabulous weekend!

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Rachel said...

I agree- there is hardly ever anything fun in the mail it is so great when there is! Your girls are precious great picture! Rachel

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