Mail fun!!!

Do you know what is fun - REAL mail! You know the old fashioned kind (that is not a bill! or someone trying to convince me to get their credit card)

My friend Sarah sent this in the mail for me! it was wrapped so pretty - but in my excitement I opened it before taking a picture... 

Bright pink is my FAVOURITE colour!

and I can't wait to be able to wear birthday earrings for the birth of my girl!!! (hoping that day is soon... I'm 38 weeks now and starting to get antsy). I know this might sound silly - but I like to have something fun in the new baby pics on! With the babes I had hot pink nails - but between all the nesting I've been doing and having a toddler to boot my nails are pretty sad.

oh and Sarah has an amazing etsy shop - where she has MANY more adorable clay and sewn items. (her polymer clay skills are seriously outstanding! and I'm pretty jealous of those skills).

ok baby girl.... any time now! hospital bag is ready to go, big sister bag is packed, freezer is getting full enough to annoy.... and I'm getting uncomfortable.


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Rebecca @ Herons Crafts said...

I definitely share your love of post! We don't get enough Real post any more which saddens me...I always try and sent letter sand parcels to friends because it is more fun! Also those earrings are so pretty! Good luck! Rebecca @

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