lookie what I found!

Yes - in my mom's old pattern sewing box - which she has passed onto me since she no longer sews. 

I want to make both these patterns SOOOOOO badly - but am seriously intimidated!

and my thrift store find - 25C a pattern!!!! I want to make the top 2 right ones for my girl and girl on the way! (size 2t and 8-10lbs)



Jenny@NorthwestLovelies said...

Love! I just had a huge childhood flashback! You totally need to try them!!

Lizzy Mac said...

Oooh!!!! Do it! I can't find CareBears online for anything less than $60! I might just be a bad online shopper though.. lol

Happy in red said...

NOOOOOO you did NOT find care bears!!! That's so cool. I had care bear pjs as a child, ha!! Totally go for them.

Cal said...

Adore old patterns!!!

tgoswife said...

WOW!!! AWESOME finds!!! So jealous! ;)

Following you back from StacySewsandSchools.wordpress.com

Rachel said...

I can't believe you have a popples pattern! I'm unbelievably jealous. The carebears are so great to- mom made us each one as little kids too! Here via the Nice to Meet you link up. I would look around longer, but I'll have to come back I'm off to start googling popples patterns....;)


Talking Trash & Wasting Time said...

popples.... OMG *faints* lol

awesome find, definitely try to make them :)

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