twofer Toddler Thursday (easy and CHEAP!)

So with being 27 weeks along now - I'm finding myself getting tired a lot quicker than normal and so Here are two fun ideas for you to do with your toddler on days when you just want to sit but they need an activity!

first: Balloons: Seriously it amazes me how long a balloon can entertain a toddler for! Our local credit union hands out free balloons to kiddo's when you go in to bank and so this is a freebie activity for us, not that they aren't cheap enough to buy. We brought it outside and let her chase it about the yard (Can you tell we are mid landscaping ?) 

The second activity is one to give to someone. When we went for a walk to the cred we also went to the store and I let the babes pick out a treat for her daddy (she recognizes the ones she has seen him with so she picked one he likes). When we got home she coloured a card to go with it. 

I stamped (she loves to colour letters making them hard to read)

and tied it with a bow! Now it is sitting in the freezer and we will sneak it into his lunch box tomorrow morning before he leaves for work. A nice surprise treat in the lunch is a perfect thing for a Friday I think :)

There you have it! Two easy ideas for keeping the young one/s busy!



Nancy@OwensOlivia said...

Thanks for sharing.

babalisme said...

Yes! I'm 25 weeks now and get tired easily too, especially when I have to run here and there catching my first one. Thank you so much for the tips. Of course, balloons, why haven't I think of them.

Kadie said...

Cute ideas! We love balloons too. Thanks for sharing with us at Link It Up Thursday.:)

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