The Sophie Tunic Pattern

I have made the Sophie Tunic by Sis Boom a few times now  and thought I'd let you all know my thoughts on it (not being paid or compensated in anyway - even bought the pattern myself).

The 1st time I made this pattern I did a shirt length for my girl in the fall

This second time I did a dress length. (the fabric on the dress is a bit "busy" looking in pictures - but really adorable on). I also want to note that getting an 20month old to hold still or pose for a picture is much for complicated than a 13month old. haha, oh boy. oh and it's too cold for outdoor pics still. sadly.

Skill level: I would say beginner. The pattern steps are as clear as can be and worded very clearly, and no fancy techniques are used.

Fabric: I used cotton both times.

Other notions: I used a button for the back.

Fit: I would say this runs exactly true to size. I made the 12-18months last fall and then the 2T size this past week.

Alterations: Both times I had to add the button loop close to the back, which is not in the pattern but is very easy to do since you are already working with a facing. I just found the fit over my girl's head a bit tight and didn't want the front to dip to low.

Will I use this pattern again: YES! I LOVE it!

Extra info: I LOVE (really really love) that she makes her patterns print without overlapping - so this means no double printing for different sizes or tracing the size you want - just cut and go! (I keep each size in a separate envelope in my pattern binder). So handy.  Also note that there are directions for facing that shows, and cuffs (as in the fall tunic), hidden facing, and no cuffs (as in the spring dress). She also included different lengths for the sleeves and shirt-dress lengths as well.
So no guesswork to get many different looks!

So there you have it, If you are in the search for a tunic pattern I recommend this one!

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betty r said...

Great outfits for a happy girl:)I don't sew but one day would like to try something simple:)
Thank you for your kind comment on our blog at mgcc.

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