Leftovers pie!

I don't know about your family, but mine usually over makes food for the holidays and so we always have plenty of leftovers! My favorite thing to make with leftover turkey meal is turkey pie, plus my husband and daughter both love it! I am also known to take leftover turkey no one wants and put it into freezer bags so I have it on hand to make turkey pies. 

Step 1 is to gather your leftovers or ingredient leftovers. I used ingredients for the veg and leftover turkey. For veg I used celery, onion, mushrooms, and frozen peas and carrots. Anything will work really.

For the sauce use 1 cup of milk.

and then fill it up to the 2cup line (ish) with chicken stock. I did water and oxo.

Pour all but 1/2cup into the pan with the veg and turn to medium heat. With that 1/2cup you left behind add a little cornstarch stir and add it into the pan and stir it all together.

While it's heating up you have the fun of taking the leftover turkey off the bones (yay!) and adding it to the sauce and veg. Stir everything together and let the sauce thicken.

Once it thickens add the potatoes. They will get a bit mushy and end up kind of like slightly mashed spuds in there - so if you want to use leftover mashed potatoes go right ahead. This really isn't a fussy dish to make. 

Roll out your pie crust. In case you don't have a favorite recipe I use this for a double crust pie:
2c. flour
1/2 tsp salt
2/3c shortening (lard)
1Tbsp vinegar
5-6Tbsp. water

(This recipe works great unless you try and double it like I did... my pie crust turned out terrible - so please don't judge the recipe based on my pie crust in the following pictures)

Put mix into the pie crust  - I used a deep dish pie plate- cause meat pies should be thick.

See the horrible pie crust... fail, but it will taste good! 

Looks a bit better once the top is on.

Here is the finished pie !
(see the crust doesn't look *that* bad now that it is cooked up)

I also made a few rather sad looking mince meat pies for my husband... I think I'm going to throw out the rest of the dough though. Lesson learned.


Tonia @ TheGunnySack.com said...

What a great way to use leftovers! I love meat pies!

Alison @ Oopsey Daisy said...

This is a great way to use up leftovers! So smart. My hubby would be sure to love me forever for being so smart with using up our food!

SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...

Looks yummy.

Following you via Freestyle Friday.


coconut said...

Oh that sounds so good, I would make it without waiting for left overs!

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