Baking with the Babes

I love baking with my girl! sometimes  always it gets messy but we have fun together. Yesterday I decided that we should make some Valentines cookies for the main man in our life. we used I received these cookie cutters for Christmas this year (LOVE them! although some letters were a tight fit to get on and a little frustrating but most went on smoothly... just that "a" in "daddy" that was sticky)

the babes helped me flour the cookie cutter

As you can see she helped use the cookie cutter too (toddler help always makes for extra special cookies)

Then we got out the edible pens (another Christmas prezzie) and she drew special "messages" on the cookies

Not too shabby for a sick day!

Ps. Soon I'll get back on that sewing train, I promise! I have a few projects in mind already. One thing I wanted to do more of in this new year, especially with the babes getting older, is to do more memory building projects with her, and that is why you are seeing more toddler crafting on here than previously. Hope you don't mind and will keep reading!

pps. Baby shower and birthday season are coming up! cute dressy up bibs for boys and girls here can be customized! (yep, a little self promotion! but really if you see it on the blog I'll probably be able to make it for you and customized and at a fair price so feel free to email me and I can set up a custom listing.


Nancy@OwensOlivia said...

Hey Jen! I love those cookie cutters, but they are not available anymore! :( I love that you are spending so much time with her and doing crafty things together! (And you shouldn't apologize for promoting yourself! This is YOUR piece of property! :)

Kara @ Mine for the Making said...

Hi jen! Stop by my blog to see if you won anything!


Marfa said...

We have those same markers....I like to use icing first, let it dry, then write on the cookie:
I ♥ how you pressed "I love Daddy" into the cookie.

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