Getting ready for christmas - what I've been working on

The babes knit stocking that I made for her! I LOVE it! I wanted to go with a chilly theme and for the sun I was lucky enough to find some knit in colors that reminded me of sunset (since we usually do stocking Christmas eve)

Some close ups so you can see the detail. Love the swirling snow.

A table runner 

I just cut pieces from a jelly roll to 13" until I had enough to give me the length I liked (for me this was 10 strips cut into 13" lengths - you should be able to cut each strip into 3 pieces with a little leftover) and then pin right sides together to the backing, sew around - turn it out and topsticth. done!

For our Christmas decor we went old school. think bright shiny and colorful!

My husband tells me no Christmas tree is complete if it doesn't have Christmas crackers tucked into it

 The stockings that belong to my husband and myself. I made these YEARS ago.

The babes wanted to help add more tinsel. Apparently she didn't think I was putting enough on since she kept signing and saying "more"!

I painted this wooden nativity set when i was still a teenager.  (I actually did 3 - one for my mom, one for my aunt and uncle, and one for myself)

Our tree in all it's gaudy glory. The fence in pots are to try and keep the babes out - they do not work. not even half a day in and I wanted to give up. any ideas how to get a VERY determined and strong willed child away from the tree?

The train in the tree. My husband loves this and so does the babes!

And lastly the felt pocket advent garland I made 
tutorial/pattern for this here. I made my own pattern since it is easy to do and I don't have my own printer.


Sunni @ Love Affair with my Brother said...

I love all your decorations. No luck ever keeping my kids away from the tree. Just hang your nice ornaments really high!

Jane S. said...

We always put kid friendly ornaments at the bottom of the tree, kept the nice ones high up, and wired the tree to the ceiling beam and/or wall. It worked for kids and cats both.

Nancy@OwensOlivia said...

you did a GREAT job jen! how do you do so much with a little one running around? :)

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