Well I certainly have had a "lucky" few weeks and won some giveaway! I thought I should send a little love back so here we go!

This tie it in a bow hoodie is from here. I LOVE it!!! It's a comfy material, not too bulky and it is not a wrinkly/creasing material. (ps. please ignore those little paint spots on my grey shirt sleeve.. and the mess on top of the bookcase - it's one of the last remaining spots the babes can't reach)

 fun earrings and a pin from the southern lovely blog - which I'm sure everyone already reads. I LOVE her packaging. I always wonder where people get such cute things to package in...

Fat quarter bundle from sew obsessed! (yay fabric!!! and it is sooo pretty - not sure what I should do with it yet. Anyone have ideas?) 

Lastly, these gorgeous prints for the babes room that I need to get picture frames for yet, they are from Urban Tickle - and Prudent Baby held the giveaway. 

and these thankful vinyls from  the 36th Avenue's blog

In other news, how do you know when it was time to move your kid into a toddler bed or just out of the crib in general?


Meream said...

Sweet! I never win these giveaways, I swear.

Nancy@OwensOlivia said...

Oh my goodness! You won all of that? You are lucky. ;) The wrap top looks so comfortable, and iknow exactly what you mean by last place baby can't reach. will it ever end??!!??

as for fat quarter projects, go to this link of mine and scroll to the bottom. i listed some ideas there.

Rebecca said...

Woohoo!! It's fun to be on a winning streak isn't it? Looove your goodies. No ideas on the fabric but it's beautiful.

Kristie said...

I moved my kids when they learned how to walk (14 months) and straight to a twin bed. But we also started young trying to get our kids to put themselves to sleep, like while they were still in the crib. We also had a low frame for a twin, so they could climb in and out by themselves. For reference, I took away bottles at 6 months, moved them to sippy cups. And the binki, one didn't like it, and one had it taken away by 12 to 14 months. Still have a 5 month old, so it is a work in progress!
Good luck!

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