some funny stuff ! Advent ideas? A little look back.

yep. I started sewing nearly a year ago and that doll was one of my first projects and I thought it was pretty good. My babes still plays with it though :)

Onto the new... I want to do an advent something tradition with the babes but am not sure how to do it. PS. please leave me thoughts, ideas, links, etc on the theme of Christmas! 

We have a small space so something like this would probably work but I'm not sure how well it would stay on the wall.


Ashley @KnittyBittyMommy said...

Jen! I have this Advent calender tut up. You can either pin each "box" onto a bulletin board, or glue magnets to each box, and put up on the fridge to save space. It was so easy and it looks great up there now.

I do love the garland ones, though!

Nancy@OwensOlivia said...

I like the Advent calendar too! I also like the Darth Vader snowflake. Hilarious!!

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