Mushy post... ? (don't worry it does include a craft)

5 years ago I married this charming and funny, and quite handsome brit I had met just over a year prior.

(and I LOVED my red shoes, I figured since the dress covered the shoes anyways I might as well have fun with the shoe shopping!)

In 5 years I have realized what a truly wonderful man I married. I am more in love now that I was 5 years ago. I'm very pleased with my choice, and even though we have our struggles we are happy together and enjoy each others company. I really do love being married to someone who can make me laugh everyday, knows how to clean up after himself, and loves our daughter more than the world. 
There are more reasons I love him of course - but I have a feeling this is enough mush for a crafty blog!

For our anniversary today I made this little pocket bot for his lunch kit - I even packed his lunch for him today! Wrapped a little note around a twizzler stick to put in the pocket. Hope he likes it! (he will - he appreciates the crafts). 

My one tip for dealing with men - tell them exactly what you expect/want/need. Seriously, they are the worst mind readers.


C said...

DITTO on the last part! I am so glad you are happy and in love. I am too! But you are making me miss my husband! LOL! Happy Anniversary!

Happy in red said...

Pff I am a bad mind reader as well, so me and my man are brutally clear to each other. Very nice and non-BS really!! Love the shoes. I wore a short wedding dress (tea length) with killer-fab high heels, Gotta love it ;-)

Nancy@OwensOlivia said...

aww, that is so sweet! Your title made me laugh. It was like, "Hey I'm not going there guys." Happy Anniversary! Mine was on the 7th, which I blogged about too. :) My shoes were magenta. We both rock.

Cheryl said...

Cute photo :-) The little pocket pal is fabulous! Super cute idea :-)

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