Flannel Jammie frustration and success! (with the new LilyGiggle pattern winner)

Well Let's start off with that the 1st pick winner never got back to me and it is now Monday morning and so I picked a new winner and the new winner is ... dun dun dun.


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If your name is Melisa Please email me back! Or I'll pick another new winner Wednesday morning.

Now onto the disappointing flannel jammies.
I used a Butterick pattern since I wanted to have a sure thing with these jammies - and I even read the measures on the back of the pattern and though size 1 sounds like a perfect fit. fail.

haha. look how huge they are on her! Maybe they will fit next year... Going to make my own pattern I guess. KCWC fail. oh well it happens - and now you know my stuff doesn't always turn out. 

Well I had a go at making my own pattern - using the idea for the PJ fail top and made a nightgown instead! It's a touch big around the neck - but that is an easy fix for the next jammies! I have Christmas flannel ready to go to make the babes and cousin their own Christmas jammies - cute?

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