Crafty slump... How do I recover?

what have I been up to? Good question. I feel like I've been in a crafting slump. I have a Oliver and S, Little Things to Sew cape cut out - but am feeling to lazy to pin it together and sew it. I want to start on some Christmas presents, but I signed up for a craft sale... So I feel like I should do some things for that.

I made a mug rug and table runner. The mug rug is a but more rectangle than square but I think it's still cute.
oh and by 'made" a table runner I mean I got the top sewn but still need to back it. I want to do red on the back but have no red fabric. So maybe green or blue? 

I also made 3 fleecy hats for the sale (well one is a gift).. so 2 fleecy hats for the sale. fully lined!

hopefully this lazy crafting slump ends soon. Maybe I should start having naps when my girl naps so I'm not exhausted by the time she goes to bed! 

What are you guys making for Christmas gifts? Any cute ideas for me?


Kim said...

I don't know what I'm going to make for Christmas presents. EEEK! Not much time left to think about it is there? I like to support other WAHMs though, and I've already bought some bowl covers, some soaps and some jewelry.

I love your fleece hats, they are so adorable!

I hope you are able to find some inspiration soon!

Kalyan said...

Simply beautiful...lovely work!

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