Things I've been working on!

I was pinterest inspired this week to make a pinafore apron top. I like how it turned out although I would make a few changes to the "pattern" (I made it up as I went) if I decide to make another one.

I also made a peasant style shirt, it's tunic length for a 2T in size, however because of the looser fit I think it should fit up to a 3T no problem, but more as a shirt! (all french seams or finished seams too!)

This was my first time doing raglan style sleeves - I have no idea why I was so scared of them before - much easier than set in sleeves! I probably read every peasant shirt/dress/top tutorial out there before giving it a go though.

I also made 7 little pincushion mice! Pattern is from the book 1,2,3 sew.

I think they are cute although embroidery is so NOT my strength. haha. some look a little sad, but here's a close up of one of the cuter faces!

I wore this skirt I made awhile ago out this week! I think I like it pulled up as a high waisted skirt, originally I was wearing it on my hips and I think that is what threw me off of it. What do you think - is it ok - and not to homemade looking to wear out?

I look like I have arm muscles in this picture. Haha, Maybe carrying a 1year old around all the time will pay off... 

I'm also thinking about starting to sell some of my stuffs. via facebook or something??? I HATE pricing items though. I feel bad because fabric isn't cheap and things do take alot of time to do - especially since I've started doing all my stuff with french seams and double hems but I think people will think handmade stuff should be cheap - "because it's not store bought." Anyone have advice, thoughts, ideas, etc on the topic I would LOVE to hear it!


luvinthemommyhood said...

Love the tops and the skirt! Great job. I like the skirt high waisted too. If you've got the body to wear it up there show it off honey :P

Kelly said...

I am glad to see another beginner embrioder out there. With practice we will master it! I actually think your little sad mouse is adorable! Probably hurts to get stuck with all those pins, don't you think? ;)

ledenika said...

Hello! I went by and saw so many beautiful things! great!
I want to wish good luck with selling your work.
Only, be more boldly and not afraid of negative words like "handmade stuff should be cheap". I answer to such people: try to make themselves :P
There are certainly those who will appreciate your work!
and also want to say: I'm in love with your "Modest Mermaid Doll"))))))

kasia said...

Nice work! I have been thinking about selling for a while as well and one of the things that keeps me back is the pricing. Most people have no idea how much the materials cost and how much work goes into it. They are ready to pay lots of money for a brand name piece that millions of people have but question the price of something original and made with love. I had this conversation so many times already and each time feel like I am turning about my own self. Even if I do not have the cahoonas yet to sell my stuff, I encourage you to do etsy and some local boutique stores. Price your work not too low. Your time, idea and love are worth it for someone out there. I read somewhere once: material cost times six. U make such beautiful stuff.

Mandy @ Sugar Bee Crafts said...

Thanks for linking to Take-A-Look Tuesday -- I featured you today!
- Mandy,

Ashley said...

I love your sad face mouse! I love looking at all your creations! You should def. set up shop. I am actually thinking of this myself. I may email you about it and hopefully we can give each other ideas. I am leaning towards etsy.

Bethany @ A Fish Who Likes Flowers said...

Your little mouse pincushions are adorable! I love their little faces.

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