the craft sale

My fiend K and I set up at the local festival for a craft sale. I had me sewing on display and she does the cutest crochet berets, and kids hats with flowers (kids hats are only $10 and adults $20). The sale went ok, although I did not sell tons. The other sellers said that is completely normal for this festival though and that they pretty much only come for fun.  So next summer I'll hit up the larger festivals I think!
We did start a facebook business page though! (so hopefully we'll have some more sales there - feel free to like the page and check it out our wares)!

Side note: I love saying "wares" because it reminds me of Rocky and Bullwinkle and the episode where Bullwinkle has a pie stand (I think it was pie) and he is selling his wares.

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Happy in red said...

Cool!!! Did you sell LOTS? ;-)

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