Mini B knock off dress - tutorial!

this was the inspiration dress (that I love but couldn't spend $54 on and feel good about it):
A tutorial! and if I knew how I'd scan and attach a pattern for 6-12months ish in size, but I don't know how so hopefully you are aware of basic pattern drafting and maybe one day I'll figure out loading a pattern!
To start with I used a T that fits babes well and a dress. I got my top shape from the T (arm holes, neckline) and then the length from the dress and I did a basic dress shape as seen below. (and yes, I did eat a 1/2 a rainbow sprinkle angel food cake while I sewed and it was delicious!) I decided to go with the second (lower) line for the neckline. the bottom half of the front piece you will need to extend a few extra inches so you can have that cute gathered front in the center under the yoke.

 Here are the completed pattern pieces. 2 yokes, 1 front piece and one plain back dress piece, and one little rectangle bit for you button loopies.

I started my sewing off by stitching the yoke, right sides together stitch where I've shown with beautiful pink paint marks. My picture shows it already sewn, turned and ironed.  

Next I focused on the back piece, I made my own bias tape but you can use pre-bought (I would've if I had some that matched my fabric)I but the elastic in like that and then folded and sewed it towards the opening (you can see it better later on). In retrospect I could've done a much tidier job of a back closure but this worked at the time, in my mind. (and it was late at night, 10pm, by this point and babes woke me up at 6am in the morning so my brain was not functioning at full capacity)  

ta-da - the promised button loops

Now gather the front bottom dress in the center until it lines up with the yoke. (not if you wish to add detail to the yoke - I did a bit of embroidered flowers now is the time - so you won't see it on the inside) 

Iron the yoke hem where you did not sew it and sandwhich that bottom bit in there pin it well, to keep your ruffles neat and tidy and then and the biase tape around the arm bits and sew!

Note: I made sure when placing the kirt bottom of the front into the yoke that the armpits were the same length as the back dress piece for easy lining up later on.
Now sew biase tape on your back dress arm holes and then attach the shoulder seams.
My material was a bit fray-ish so I decided to do a french style seam. I pinned the wrong sides together and zig-zag stitched.
then turned it right sides together and sewed a line up (like a normal hem just be sure to give yourself a bit of extra rom so you don't see the zig-zag stitch line when you flip)

double fold and hem your bottom.

sew on your buttons

and you're done!

Isn't it cute! I am tempted to wake up babes to try it on her... but that would mean a rough night I fear, so I'll leave her sleep! Hope you enjoy making your own dress!
Any questions? Leave me a comment and I'l answer it the best I can.

And here is the dress on!


Michelle {Daydream Believers} said...

Very cute! :) Nice job!

Maria said...


Tanya @ Greetings From the Asylum said...

I love this dress. My daughter would look so cute in one just like it! I am your newest follower. I would love it if you came over to Greetings From the Asylum and followed me too!

Jen@thecraftingfiend said...

thank-you very much ladies! I love new followers and have now been to yours Tanya!

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