a very easy summer fun dress for me!

I'm very excited to actually have made myself a dress!
Notice the gathered pocket with button close and the ruffled straps. I'm ready for some summer fun!

the back: 

want to make your own? It's very easy.
  • Measure around your chest and then the length you want (under armpits to your chosen length). I was 32" around the widest part of my chest and I wanted it to be a few inches above my knee. so I cut 2 rectangle 32" x 30"
  • hem your top and bottom of each rectangle. be sure to make the hems even - It makes for much less work when sewing the rectangles together.
  • Then you shir the top of each piece to just under boob
  • Next you sew the 2 rectangles together
  • Now cut out your straps. I did 2 that were 4 times the width I wanted by the lentgh needed. 4"x19"
  • and for the ruffle I did 36" x 2times the desired width. Since I folded the ruffle pice in half (hotdog way) and then basted and gatherd. Now put the ruffle in your straps which you've ironed in half, brought the ends into the middle and then folded in half and ironed again. 
  • sew the straps on where you wan them to be. I had my dear husband help me pin thestraps in place on the back
  • If you want to do the pocket check out the gathered pocket tutorial by "made". I did the shirred version.
and that's it! A very easy summer dress for moms! Now maybe I'll make my babes a matching one and we can wear them for Mother's Day. I mentioned that thought to my hubby and he called me a dork.


hope said...

visiting from "creative me monday"

your dress is super cute!! nice job!

Katy said...

very cute. my mother-in-law is visiting next week and I'm going to ask for a crash course in shirring. can't wait to try this myself. (visitin via sugar bee crafts)

.Jen said...

thanks for visiting! Katy you'll find shirring sounds much scarier than it actually is! I was scared to try it for a good year. With my machine (husqvarna emerald 116) I can wind the elastic thread in the bobbin the very same way as regular thread, and then put into the bobbin holder and sew away! ps. don't forget to steam the shirring when you're done - it makes it bunch up much better! Good luck!

Lindsay(PACountryCrafts) said...

All of my maternity shirts are getting too short, so I was thinking of making some dresses that I can wear later since I don't have too long to go. This would be perfect!!!

Abby said...

Very cute! I might have to make one for myself too!

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