a sweet treat and crafty goodness all in one!

prudentbaby.com had this contest running to make something along the theme of sweets and it had to be a paper craft and you could win a new printer. I need a printer !
and so I created!

Brownie Bots

I am so curious to know if I'll win - or even make the site... There are so many crafty peoples out there, I have to wait till April 5th though to find out the results!
(update: made the slide show of features, but didn't win the contest)

ps. those brownies are ooey gooey good! and here is the recipe:

Bite of Brownie (named since one bite will solve your sweet tooth - even though I can't stop at one bite!)

4oz. unsweetened chocolate (4 baking squares)
3/4c. butter or margerine (not low fat)

2c. white sugar
3 eggs
1 tsp. vanilla extract

1c. flour

1. microwave the chocolate and butter till smooth - stir
2. Stir sugar into the chocolate mix
3. Blend in eggs and vanilla
4. mix in the flour

Pour into a well greased (or in my case heavily sprayed with cooking oil) 9x9 pan OR you can also put into mini muffin tins for true bite sized brownie - use cupcake liners though - much easier this way - trust me!

Bake at 350 degrees farenheit for 12 ish minutes. I know they are done when I put a toothpick in th middle and the toothpick comes out with some stuff on it - but isn't runny like raw batter.. A clean toothpick means they are overdone, and a wet toothpick means they are underdone.

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