Hello springtime!!

What do you do when the weather outside is frightful? Get ready for spring of course!
Introducing a cherry blossom headband!

Today we had no power or water for 2hours (sarcastic yay for rain turned sleet turned snow). This meant I couldn't sew, or really do much at all and so I decided to make a rather large spring headband for my girl! I think this headband will be the inspiration for the next dress I sew babes! I may need some more fabric - or at least bright pink bias tape... (read as "I'm itching for a trip to a fabric store")

Anyways enough of that, want to make your own headband? Then it's time to get out your felt stash!

I cut out patterns for my flat flowers, since I wanted 5 petals per and I've got no skill at freehand cutting odd shapes. You can see I did a few different sizes

Cut out flowers, for the top flower I cut little half-moons in each petal and then pinned onto an opposing color of felt and cut around the flower - leaving some room so you can see the 2nd color. To finish off do a few french knots in the center of each flower. Hope you can see how they done are in this picture :

For the opened cherry blossoms you cut a shape like seen on the bottom (I do 7 'petals') of this next picture and then simply roll it up, stitch in place and fluff out your bottom petals.

stitch your flowers to a piece of felt the desired shape of your headband piece (I cut a genral foot ish shape and then trimmed after) and hot glue, stitch your headband and elastic together and hot glue another piece of felt over you elastic coming together and sticthed to headband part so everything looks tidy.
Now admire your work - I tried to get my very active girl to hold still but she wouldn't.


Megan @ Cut the Craft! said...

This is so cute! And perfect for spring!


madison avenue said...

awww!! that is so cute!

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