getting ready for fall!

I made another simplicity 3511 dress (I really do love that pattern). I made this dress for babes fall wardrobe and since I live in a place that has more cold weather than warm I made a jacket that can go with it (or not)!
note: I love making my own covered buttons!

The jacket! I used the idea of the 3511 dress as inspiration for this jacket.  As you can see I did a much higher and rounded neck hole, and kept it open in the front. I kept the elastic at the bottom of the sleeves idea since this meant I could make the sleeves a bit longer so the jacket fits longer. The jacket front looks a bit wonky in this pic - but it's not really, I just took the pic with one hand at an angle while the other hand was trying to keep babes away from my pattern pieces

and due to our cool fall temperatures I did a fleece inside layer - sew cozy! I'm also quite proud of how neat and tidy the insides look.

and here it is with the dress - a perfect match and yet they both look good on their own!

Babes fall wardrobe is really shaping up to be a cute one!

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Shanna said...

OHHH Or will you be releasing this jacket?! I really like this one!

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