what to do with scraps...

I have quite a collection already of fabric pieces that aren't large enough to get a shirt or dress for babes out of but that are just to large to throw away.
So I decided to make bibs!

You'll notice the button closure - which is a bit unusually for bibs but the reason is threefold, 1) I don't have snap pliers, 2) buttons are cheap and 3) babes always pulls velcro closure bibs off of herself.

Now if you look back at my very first post you'll see a pic of adorable girl dress-up bibs that I do, because a plain ol' bib just doesn't match the Sunday dress, or fancy occassions and I certainly don't want to get foods on her cute outfits so no bib is no option for us.
I love making these dress up bibs and giving them as gifts (or selling if someone wants) and so I excitedly waited for my close friend to tell me she was having a girl so I could make one for her - but no, it's going to be a boy (which is very exciting as well - boys are fun too!). However, this boy news forced me to think of what kind of bib is dressy for a boy and thus the tuxedo bib was born!

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