Welcome! an introduction of sorts.

Let's get this started by defining the word fiend: One who is completely absorbed in or obsessed with a given job or pastime. In my case, pastime.

That is a fairly accurate description of my crafting. My newest and probably most practical method of crafting is with my sewing machine, however I got my start in the arts! All though highschool I took art lessons and I still do love painting but since having my gorgeous babes I find I lack the time to actually paint.
Here are 2 of my paintings I have photographs of for you to see:

Sewing seemed like the perfect naptime filler, I started with an old sewing machine inherited from my great grandma, in the fall of 2010. That old machine was very frustrating to use and I had to draw myself a tutorial on how to thread it and now I have a husqvarna Emerald 116 that I love and can thread easily!
A bib and a dress (now shirt that looks super cute over jeggings):

I also thouroughly enjoy felt crafts (amongst others). I'm thinking of starting with some wood crafting too - since I want my baby girl to have a play kitchen and funds are limited. (this will likely be a summer project since that's when babes has her birthday!)
felt fun in the way of hair accessories and a tooth fairy pillow:

I get many ideas for my sewing and felt projects from tutorials, looking at pictures, and some of my own. Since I don't have a printer I usually make up my own patterns for things and I almost always modify/change things from the tutorials I use for inspiration.
I also think I should mention in this introduction that I am aware my picture taking skills are lacking - and I apologize, this is something I will work on.

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