Ruffle Bummed Bottoms! (My very first tutorial!)

Here is the finished version of today's project!

Let's start this with a little confession - I have (had) a fear of making pants! I am not sure why but I thought they would just be awful to make and not turn out at all. And since this blog is to help me move forward with my crafting/sewing I though today would be a great day to get over that fear.

I decided to do a very simple trace, cut, & sew type of pant. I used an old long sleeve T I had in the refurbish pile and cut around a pair of babes tights. I left a bit extra on the end since my girl needs the length and I used the bottom hem of the shirt for the bottom hem of the tights (yay for saving steps), Also when you make yours don't forget to leave a few extra inches at the top for a casing (I did about 2 - I would recommend about 3 since 2 is a just fits kind of fit).

Next use your sleeves to make strips for ruffles. I got two strips out of each sleeve. cut the sleeve open and then cut out the seam. (hopefully you can tell what I mean by looking at the pic)

Now, fold each ruffle strip in half and set your stitch lenght the the longest and do not backstitch at either end and sew a straight stitch across each ruffle piece, gather the ruffle (by pulling bobbin threads on each side) till it fits perfectly with a bit of over hang across your pant top (to keep the gathers in I tie the 2 threads together in a knot), smooth out your gathers so it's fairly even looking in ruffledness.

Pin ruffle 1 near the bottom (on the good side) and sew in place, then pin ruffle 2 so it overlaps ruffle 1 a bit and sew - and keep going for all 4 ruffles.

Now put the 2 good sides of your pant pieces together and pin them very very well, and sew up the sides, and up the leg middles and the crotch area (I sewed over the inside of the legs twice just to reinforce it)

Fold your top part over at the top an 1/2inch- 1inch and sew your casing - don't forget to leave a spot unsewn so you can put your elastic thru. 
Side note: it is my great disappointment with these tights that I forgot to change my bobbin thread to black and now have white thread showing on the good side where I sewed the casing, so now would be a good time to make sure your bobbin color is one you want to show on your pants.

Feed your elastic thru using the trusted safety pin technique, stitch the elastic together, close off that opening, and you are done! now you just have to try them on your girl and admire that cute ruffled baby bum!

*note: I used a zigzag stitch for all sewing since I've heard that it will allow your knit to keep its stretchyness when sewn vs. a straight stitch that has no give to it.

Well, I hope that was clear as mud! any questions? Did you try it - how did yours turn out?


Haley said...

Super cute!! I heart ruffles and I really heart re-purposing clothes!! Thanks for linking up!!

Alicia @ littlesprinklesoffun said...

These are way too cute! :)

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