a naptime skirt

Today was a short nap time but I managed to get this skirt sewn!
The skirt (size 1T - getting ready for the fall wardrobe!):

I LOVE it and everything about it! The reverse heart applique's, the ties at the waist, an actual waistband, the gathered skirt. Everything about it is just sew cute! and yet again it was a free project to make! I used 1/2 an old shirt for the skirt and the heart appliques are out of an old shirt I had used for a previous project.

and in case anyone is curious - the previous project:

Here are the very simple directions for the skirt. I drew these directions in paint since I didn't take pics as a went - but it's pretty simple so I think you get the idea. the only thing I forgot to mention was when putting the ties in put them low enough that you have an inch of foldover for the elastic casing, sew the casing, and put in the elastic. also make sure the ties aren't too low since you do need to attach the waistband to the skirt bottom.


Haley said...

SO cute! Love the tie.

Rachel said...

That turned out really cute.

I saw this on Sew Much Ado.

Ashley said...

holy cuteness!! LOVE the hearts:)

angelmoore said...

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